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Before 10AX's grand opening, Cassio would like some promotional photos for it.

Simon will call when it's time to head to Metropolitan Magazine in Beverly Hills.

Speak to Garrett St. Clair to start the photo shoot.

10AX Photography
Metropolitan Magazine
Time Energy Cost Blue Stars
Time 3 Hours Energy 50 BlueStar 50
Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
check makeup Energy 1 Cash 1 XP 1 BlueStar 1 Vanity
profile shot Energy 1 Cash 1 XP 1 BlueStar 1 None
react to backdrop image Energy 1 Cash 1 XP 1 BlueStar 1 None
lighting check Energy 2 Cash 2 XP 2 BlueStar 2 None
check negatives Energy 3 Cash 3 XP 3 BlueStar 3 None
grab a drink Energy 3 Cash 4 XP 4 BlueStar 4 None
wait for backdrop change Energy 4 Cash 3 XP 3 BlueStar 4 None
wardrobe change Energy 5 Cash 6 XP 5 BlueStar 5 The Look
pose together Energy 5 Cash 6 XP 6 BlueStar 9 Energy 1 None
hold that pose! Energy 8 Cash 8 XP 8 BlueStar 7 None
See how the media reacts to 10AX Photography in 03:00:00.
Rating Reward Fans
5Stars Cash+250 XP+70 AList +562,500 fans

After completing the photo shoot and exiting Metropolitan Magazine, Maria will call.


Metropolitan @MetropoMag

10AX Photography will be revealed on (Date) at (Time).

Metropolitan @MetropoMag

@(Your Name) just finished a promo shoot for @Cassio's club 10AX opening in Italy soon!

#10AX #Cassio
+187,500 fans
TrendStyle @TrendStyleMag

10AX Photography is quite stunning!

+562,500 fans