Previous Goal
Romantic Recruit


Following Goal
Fallback at PopGlam


A Fallback Feature
Task Wait for Simon's call
Task Complete the photo shoot at Muse in SoHo (Available in 2h 59m)
Cash +275 XP+70

The event lasts 3 hours. Afterwards, Simon will call.

Simon: "Your Name, Alexis Masterson is ready to kick off the Fallback Tour. You'll be appearing at three runway shows all over the world."

Speech Where to first?

Simon: "Australia! PopGlam Australia, to be exact. Fly out to Sydney for the runway show as soon as you can."

Speech Got it.

This will lead to Fallback at PopGlam.


Feed Update!

Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian

Congrats @(Your Name) for landing the Fallback collection deal

+190,664 fans

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