You will receive a phone call from Simon with an opportunity for a streaming reality television show, offered by Mirimount Pictures, so head over to Hollywood to talk to Bryan Seagram.

Dialogue: Edit

Bryan: "Ah! There she is! YourName, great to meet you! Simon...always a pleasure!"

Speech Nice to meet you.

Bryan: "I'll cut right to the chase: I know we're all busy people! YourName, I - and the studio! - want to try something new. Digital streaming of content is taking a big bite out of our profits, and we want in on the action. So... one of our ideas was to have an original reality series to stream only on our online distribution channel. It'll be a first!"

Speech Sounds interesting.

Bryan: "Indeed! Now...there is a lot of interest from a lot of parties, a lot of talent for this. I'm not going to lie: we're in talks with a bunch of celebs, so it's not a sure thing, but we are interested in you being our star. We just want to make sure the personality we choose will keep things fresh, and interesting."

Speech Hm...

Simon: "We are very much interested in making this work. I think you'll find YourName is exactly what you're looking for. Well... we will be in touch, Mr Seagram."

Speech That's it?

Simon: "Trust me, YourName..."

Speech Okay...

This goal arc was originally part of a special weekend event series to celebrate Kim Kardashian: Hollywood's 3rd Anniversary.