Maria Holmes will call you to her office to discuss getting some work in Miami at Kim's store there, Kardash Miami.

She suggests you to get a second opinion from Simon Orsik if you really want to. When you speak to Simon, he will approve!


Simon Orsik YourName! What can I do for you?
You Speech (Mention Maria.)
Simon Orsik How do you like being under the watchful eye of "Mad" Maria Holmes? Type A personality, indeed. Now to answer your question: should you fly to Miami and go for the job? YES! You need a better source of income than that... that sweatshop you're working in now, if nothing else. Do you have a ticket?
You Speech No.
Simon Orsik Well, that's what managers are for, right? I'll book you a ticket, and you head down to LAX and get yourself over to Miami!
You Speech Okay!

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