After a meeting with fashion designer Misty Levin, you get a call from her boyfriend, Tom Lord.

Tom is a marketing executive for Immaculat Vodka and while he'd love to help you out, you're currently not famous enough to warrant a spot on the guest list.

In order to convince Tom you're right for the job, you'll need to complete one professional project.

You can wait to get call from your manager, Simon Orsik, about a project, or you can complete any of your other project goals (e.g. Get Working!).

Your project must be something other than an appearance.

After your project has been completed, you'll receive a call from Tom, who tells you he's spotted you in a magazine.

He tells you that he can get you on the guest list to the launch party at Lif, as long as you make sure to promote Immaculat Vodka while you're there.

This will unlock the next goal in the series, This Immaculat Night.


Tom Lord YourName, it's Tom Lord here. I'm calling because I happened to see you in an ad in a magazine...
You Speech Oh...
Tom Lord Yeah! And it got me thinking. I think I can get you into Lif's opening if you could help me out with something. I'd need you to promote Immaculat Vodka while you're there. You know, just be seen ordering it, talking it up, get in some pictures with a bottle. How does that sound? You do that for me, and I'll get you in.
You Speech Deal.
Tom Lord This is really coming together! I'll be in touch with your manager soon.
You Speech Okay.