⤿ REASON: Description Needs Rewriting.

To get a professional project, Simon must call you for various projects.
Your project must be something other than an appearance.

At this stage, your projects will only be about 1 hour long.
As you get more famous, the length of these projects will be longer.


Tom Lord YourName, it's Tom Lord here. I'm calling because I happened to see you in an ad in a magazine...
You Speech Oh...
Tom Lord Yeah! And it got me thinking. I think I can get you into Lif's opening if you could help me out with something. I'd need you to promote Immaculat Vodka while you're there. You know, just be seen ordering it, talking it up, get in some pictures with a bottle. How does that sound? You do that for me, and I'll get you in.
You Speech Deal.
Tom Lord This is really coming together! I'll be in touch with your manager soon.
You Speech Okay.