After either charming Tom Lord into putting you on the guest list, or getting noticed by Tom after completing a professional project, it's finally time to attend the grand opening of Lif.

Travel to Lif in Miami.

If you are on the EListE-List, you may run into Taylor Bigelow at Gate 4 in LAX. You will get fans if you do speak to her and get her autograph.

Outside of Lif, you can talk to paparazzi Lon Garrera, who advises you to engage your Rival in a fight.

Speak to Ray Powers to begin your appearance.

You can engage your rival in a fight to earn fans, but you can also leave them be.

This is the end of the goal arc.

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 3 Hours
Energy Needed: Energy35
Stars Needed: BlueStar35
5-Star Reward: Cash+187, XP+70

Action Cost Reward Achievement
get comfy Energy1 Cash+1, XP+1, BlueStar+1 -
do a shot of Immaculat Energy1 Cash+1, XP+1, BlueStar+1 Barfly
order bottle of Immaculat Energy1 Cash+1, XP+1, BlueStar+1 Big Spender
be seen holding bottle Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
chit chat Energy2 Cash+2, XP+2, BlueStar+2 -
mingle Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3, BlueStar+4 -
promote Immaculat Energy3 Cash+3, XP+3, BlueStar+3 -
socialize Energy4 Cash+5, XP+4, BlueStar+5 Socialite
make friends Energy5 Cash+5, XP+6, BlueStar+6 -
pose for group pictures Energy5 Cash+6, XP+6, BlueStar+9 -
bust a move Energy6 Cash+6, XP+7, BlueStar+7 -


Taylor Bigelow Hey there! I always have time for the fans. Looking for an autograph?
You Speech 1 Yes...
Speech 2 No, thanks.
Taylor Bigelow 1 There you go.
2 It was a pleasure to bump into you.
You Speech 1A Thanks...
Speech 1B Why are you here?

Speech 2A ...
Speech 2B Why are you here?
Taylor Bigelow 1A & 2A End of dialogue.
1B & 2B I have a meeting with Vincent Morcello about his next film - that I want to be in! Wish me luck...
You Speech 1B & 2B Hm...
PopFlixFeed PopFlix @PopFlix
We have it from a reliable source that Taylor Bigelow is in talks to star in legendary director Vincent Morcello's next project.
+79 fans

Lon Garrera You again? Let me know if you see someone famous. I hear Taylor Bigelow's gonna be here for Lif's grand opening, and Dirk Diamonds/Willow Pape. Should be entertaining, at least. Try to get Dirk/Willow angry, would ya? Those pics always sell well...
You Speech ...

Rival Ugh. How did you even get in? Are you a server here now or something?
You Speech 1 (Throw drink.) Cash+3, XP+6
Speech 2 (Leave quietly.) Cash+3, XP+6
Rival 1 Are you INSANE, you psycho? There's Immaculat all over my shoes! These are GENUINE Dap Originals. I had to take out a loan for these!
2 End of dialogue.
You Speech 1 ...

RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @Starnews_Ray
Dirk Diamonds/Willow Pape EJECTED from Lif? The star was seen in an altercation with @YourName. You heard it from me first - and NOT @TrendStyleMag.
+316 fans
TrendStyleMagazineFeed TrendStyle @TrendStyleMag
@Starnews_Ray, it's easy to get the story first when you don't fact-check...

LIFFeed Lif @LifClub
We'll have pics posted of (YourName) from Lif's grand opening event appearance on (Date) at (Time).
RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @Starnews_Ray
All eyes were on (YourName) during her/his appearance at Lif's grand opening event.
+1,687 fans