In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you can either get a baby with your partner, or adopt a baby from the game!

How To Get a Baby

There are two ways of getting your little bundle of joy, by adopting from the Love and Hope Adoption Center in LAX or you can spawn a baby with your partner by raising his/her relationship points to Heart12,000.

Once you get your baby, Ray Powers and Kim Kardashian will send their congratulations. Like always, the amount of fans you earn from their congratulations depends on which level you have in the game.



Adopting from the adoption center is the easier option if you are willing to spend some StarKash. Adopting will cost 160 of you hard earned StarKash.

EAt the center located in LAX you may speak to either Tim Wells about adopting a baby boy or Jillian Perkins to adopt a baby girl.

You enter the nursery in your home, name the baby and there you go.

Baby With Your Partner


If you wish to go the more 'sexual' route, you can. You will need a significant other of the opposite gender of what your character is. Do note that this will take time, patience and a lot of money. You will need to keep your partner happy everyday until you reach Heart12,000 points when he or she will pop the question for the first baby. If you would like a second baby you need to max out your relationship to Heart15,000 points.

Once the question is asked the screen will go to your home and in the nursery where you can name your newly spawned baby. No 9 month waiting required. The gender of your baby will be randomly chosen.

Once the second baby is born you will hire a nanny and your partner will never be in the same room as your babies.

The Nursery


The nursery is where you will find your baby. It will be there while you continue your lavish Hollywood life. A baby is similar to a pet or partner. Everyday you will need to stop your baby from crying, either by feeding, playing or changing its diaper - guess correctly to get 1+Energy.

You can buy things to spice up your baby's room same as you can in any other of your homes. Things you buy for the nursery will automatically be available in all your other homes.

You can also buy clothes and hairstyles for your newborn.


RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
This just in! There's a new and special little bundle of joy in YourName's life!
+30,208 fans

KimKardashianFeed Kim Kardashian @KimKardashian
OMG @YourName, I JUST HEARD! Congratulations from my whole family to YOURS!
+40,278 fans

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