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Description Edit

Big Sur is a location available for dates. There are decorations that can be purchased; however, many of these purchases do not affect game play in anyway.

In addition to decorations, there is one pet located at Big Sur.

Big Sur Edit

Big surx


Image Cost Purchase Reward
Lanterns Star 20
Tikis Star 10
Lights Star 10
Drinks Cash 3000
Gramaphone Star 25
Desserts Cash 750
Dog Star 50
Red Roses Star 15
California Poppies Star 10
Lupines Cash 7000
White Wine Cash 500
Red Wine Cash 500
Champagne Star 30
Hors D'Oeuvres Cart Cash 6000 Star
Veggie Cart Cash 8000 Heart
Dinner Cart Cash 15000 Heart
Lanterns Cash 3000
Tikis Star 15
Lights Star 30