• Fayriesakura


    June 26, 2017 by Fayriesakura

    Hi everyone! I'm Sarah and I've recently joined the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Wiki!

    It's been a while since this Wikia was last active, so a lot of the pages are outdated. It's all a bit of a mess currently, but I've removed all of the SPAM edits to the pages and I'm doing my best to respond to comments as best as I can. 

    Once I've got more of an overview of what still needs to happen, I'll be sure to make another blog post with a massive list of things that still need to be done, so that I can start working!

    ♥ x

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  • Sebsghost

    Goal Transcription

    July 19, 2016 by Sebsghost

    Hey, if anyone's looking for something to do for the wiki and isn't interested in doing graphics, recording the different goals would be a big help. I missed a lot from before I started contributing to the wiki, and I also missed out on some information on some of the goals. So even if there's a page for the goal, it may not have the time for the event, the available actions, or the cash reward.

    I'm probably gonna go back with a new game on my tablet if no one takes me up on the offer, but it's definitely a great way to help if anyone is reading the wiki and isn't sure how to contribute. 

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  • Sebsghost

    Anyone Here?

    July 16, 2016 by Sebsghost

    Dunno if anyone reads these things or if anyone is even reading this wiki, but I thought I'd say hi anyways. I'm adding things as I can, I mostly just play the game to kill time. Seems like there have been a lot of updates to the game since the wiki was last updated. Hopefully at some point it can be brought up to date. I'll keep plugging away until it gets to that point, at any rate.

    Also if anyone has tips for those street view images, I'm all ears. I have no idea how to create them, but many of the locations need them. 

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  • Arianawesomegrande


    June 26, 2016 by Arianawesomegrande

    So when I go to the airport in LAX, my right eye turns to a orange color.Its really weird and I don't know why it happens.Is it a glitch?

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  • Meiiken


    April 26, 2016 by Meiiken

    I like big butts and i can not lie.

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  • NoFloor

    I was playing KKH on facebook when I came across a guy named 'Luis Davis' I had never met him before so I tried guessing his name... I guessed wrong... This is what came up...

    So... Yeah...

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  • TashaRose1234

    Hey Guys, I'm a Kardashian game fan, if u want to know how to level your relationship without losing your husband. 

    1. Go on dates clothes for him/her

    3.Have lots of energy: Note- You might want to charge your phone, leavr for a couple of mins. then voilia full energy

    4. Spouse goes on different events, and then look for Kim kardashian wikia for help to see if u reach the relationship.

    Special note: You might even try to concieve your own baby from Partner 

    Enjoy :) Bye

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  • KeikoOrca

    Rumored to be vampire

    April 2, 2015 by KeikoOrca

    Guys we don't have a page for Maximilian Alucard (just wondering). He first appeared in Panino then he invites you in La Rue I think.

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  • Mahalia Guy

    Fashion Week

    August 12, 2014 by Mahalia Guy

    I have the latest fashion and someone has been twittering my dress looks like a potato sack,really.I really suspect Willow Pape but I'm not sure...I just wish in the game you can slap her silly

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  • OneStormyNight

    The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Wiki is not made by, run by or associated with Glu Games Inc. It was made, is operated and gets updated by Kim Kardashian: Hollywood players and fans like us all for the sake of players and fans like us. We are all simply fans of the Stardom games. Lots of people who use the wiki, particularly those just starting out are uncertain of where they fit in, are unsure of how they can participate. Here's what you can do to participate and contribute to the wiki!

    While it is all choice, decision, and situation, we highly recommend you please sign in and create a user name if you haven't already. Registered users are the ones who have individual user names and often individual user icons. Registering is a relatively …

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