• Fayriesakura

    First things first: happy New Year! I wish all of you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2018 :) 

    This round of Wiki updates include:

    • Kustomize options. All available kustomize options for female babies and male babies, including prices and rewards, have been added;
    • Goals. All goals from level 5 have been added to the Wiki, and earlier goals were checked and updated where necessary;
    • Maintenance. All missing pages were added to the Wiki;
    • Rules and Regulations. To combat the heavy influx of spam we've been getting over the last year, I've made the decision to enable the feature that requires all contributors to log into the Wiki. This means that comments and features will only be available to those with a free Wikia account.

    For 2018, here are the two…

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  • Meow9

    What, a blog?!

    December 13, 2017 by Meow9

    Who knew you could have a blog on this platform?! (Not me!) Anyways, I am almost done with my finals and redownloaded a couple of old games I used to play. (Yes, I am up late procrastinating studying for chemsitry, but that's besides the point!!) God willing, I will have some time to play over holiday. Maybe I will hop on here every once and a while rant about silly things that happen in the game, which I remember happneing frequently.

    ~Stay groovy~

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  • Fayriesakura

    November 2017 - Update

    December 1, 2017 by Fayriesakura

    Just two things of note before I move on to working on more behind-the-scenes things:

    • The Rules and Regulations have been updated to combat the increase of rule-breaking.
    • The Editing Style Guide will be given a small facelift to increase readability.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Fayriesakura

    October 2017 - Update

    October 23, 2017 by Fayriesakura

    Hi everyone! I'm just popping on here today to share where we're currently at with the Wiki. Pages for all of the locations, buildings, homes and businesses in the game have been created. The Pets page is complete, providing names, pictures and rewards for all of the pets in the game.

    I'm working on adding in all of the information on what are arguably the two biggest parts of the game: Goals and Kustomization. The goal category is currently up-to-date until level 5 in the game; only some goals from higher levels and special events are available. As for the kustomize page, images for all of the hairstyles for Starlets have been posted, and I'm working on adding all of the tops for Starlets, as well.

    I hope to have the kustomize page complete…

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  • Fayriesakura

    Hi everyone, Sarah here! Ready for some good news? I've been appointed an Administrator for this Wiki, which means I can start editing some of the locked pages and update them with new information, and delete comments that are offensive or just plain SPAM - yay!

    Sadly, there's also some bad news: the list of things that still need to happen to ensure this Wiki is up-to-date is absolutely massive! I thought I would share it here as I work my way down the list, so y'all can see how I'm doing :)

    • Main Page
      • New colour-scheme
      • New welcome banner
      • Edit menu bar; include new locations and reformat
      • Edit sidebar
      • Update graphics
      • Rewrite main page
    • Achievements
      • ​Reformat the page
      • Add all achievements in the game
        • Images
        • Rewards
    • Buildings
      • Create new Buildings template
      • Upd…
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  • Fayriesakura


    June 26, 2017 by Fayriesakura

    Hi everyone! I'm Sarah and I've recently joined the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Wiki!

    It's been a while since this Wikia was last active, so a lot of the pages are outdated. It's all a bit of a mess currently, but I've removed all of the SPAM edits to the pages and I'm doing my best to respond to comments as best as I can. 

    Once I've got more of an overview of what still needs to happen, I'll be sure to make another blog post with a massive list of things that still need to be done, so that I can start working!

    ♥ x

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  • Sebsghost

    Goal Transcription

    July 19, 2016 by Sebsghost

    Hey, if anyone's looking for something to do for the wiki and isn't interested in doing graphics, recording the different goals would be a big help. I missed a lot from before I started contributing to the wiki, and I also missed out on some information on some of the goals. So even if there's a page for the goal, it may not have the time for the event, the available actions, or the cash reward.

    I'm probably gonna go back with a new game on my tablet if no one takes me up on the offer, but it's definitely a great way to help if anyone is reading the wiki and isn't sure how to contribute. 

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  • Sebsghost

    Anyone Here?

    July 16, 2016 by Sebsghost

    Dunno if anyone reads these things or if anyone is even reading this wiki, but I thought I'd say hi anyways. I'm adding things as I can, I mostly just play the game to kill time. Seems like there have been a lot of updates to the game since the wiki was last updated. Hopefully at some point it can be brought up to date. I'll keep plugging away until it gets to that point, at any rate.

    Also if anyone has tips for those street view images, I'm all ears. I have no idea how to create them, but many of the locations need them. 

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