After Simon impresses upon you the importance of getting headshots, he calls in a favor at PopGlam so that you can get them done immediately.

Take the bus from Hollywood to Downtown LA and complete the photoshoot within an hour.

Available ActionsEdit

Time Limit: Time 1 Hour
Energy Needed: Energy 20
Stars Needed: BlueStar 20

Action Cost Reward Achievement
check makeup Energy1 Cash+1 XP+1 BlueStar+1 Energy+1 Vanity
profile shot Energy1 Cash+1 XP+1 BlueStar+1 Energy+1 -
react to backdrop image Energy1 Cash+1 XP+1 BlueStar+1 Energy+1 -
lighting check Energy2 Cash+2 XP+2 BlueStar+2 -
grab a drink Energy3 Cash+3 XP+3 BlueStar+3 -
check negatives Energy3 Cash+3 XP+2 BlueStar+4 -
wait for backdrop change Energy4 Cash+3 XP+3 BlueStar+4 -
wardrobe change Energy 4 Cash+5 XP+5 BlueStar+5 The Look
hold that pose! Energy8 Cash+8 XP+8 BlueStar+8 -

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