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Cassio comes onto the scene as part of Meet Cassio, where Simon has arranged for you two meet regarding the 10AX Club's grand opening. Later, Cassio will be at the grand opening/Simon's surprise birthday party at 10AX Club.

Background Trivia

Cassio is the owner of 10AX Club in Florence who is a bit of a mystery man. He is a very successful entrepreneur who enjoys expensive cars and painting in his spare time.

Cassio has had many romantic exploits that are well documented in trashiest of tabloid magazines. There is a very good reason he's developed a reputation for being a billionaire playboy - he can't keep it in his pants! Cassio has never had a stable relationship in his life! The last model he dumped never recovered... so don't let Cassio's fancy suit, charming smile and mountains of money seduce you...

Related Goals

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