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Chad Dylan Parker is the boyfriend of Crystal Fletcher. Together, they are the first in Hollywood's Top Couple List. He is first seen with Crystal in Miraggio Grande, where the two attempt to take a table that your manager, Simon Orsik, has reserved for you and your avatar's love interest. Along with his girlfriend, he will try to sabotage your career.


Chad wears a black suit and black dress shoes. He seems quite formal in appearance. He has dark brown slicked back hair and some stubble. Some articles claim he is based off David Beckham in appearance, with Crystal being based off Victoria Beckham.


Chad is shown to be very antagonistic towards you, ever since your encounter at Miraggio Grande. Maria Holmes will warn you about him and Crystal being the top couple and how they will do anything to stay on top. If you choose to act civilized to the couple, they will still remain ill-mannered, pursuing to destroy your career at whatever means necessary.


Crystal Fletcher

Chad and Crystal are lovers and at the top of the couples list. They get married, at the exact same time and place as you, seemingly just to spite you which shows how much they suit eachother. It is implied that while their relationship is strong, they do not have a relationship based on pure love but rather the love of fame, as they both will do anything to stay on top of the couples list. At one point they will try to adopt a foal but will fail because they have been found to not be fit parents.

However there is a clue at the Infinitum event that Chad may be cheating on Crystal because a model flirts with him and he does the same.

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