After opening So Chic Boutique back up, you follow Kim back into the store.

There, she spends some time looking at dresses, and eventually asks for your opinion: do you prefer the black dress or the gold dress?

Kim then invites you to the photo shoot she's running late for, and takes down your number.

She also suggests you go back to your apartment and change into something a little bit more formal, because the photographer who is doing the shoot – Garrett St. Clair – is "weird like that".


Kim Kardashian I need something cute, but super quick. Can you help me find something? I wish I had more time... I love fashion and I love to shop! Hm... I like both of these. What do you think: the black dress or the gold dress?
You Speech 1 Black. XP+1 Cash+1
Speech 2 Gold. XP+1 Cash+1
Kim Kardashian 1 & 2 You're right. This is super cute! Thank you so much for your help. I can tell you must be into fashion! How much is it?
You Speech No charge...
Kim Kardashian No. Really? I can't! I have to pay!
You Speech (Insist.)
Kim Kardashian You've been so nice to me! Hey... I'm doing that photo shoot at Metropolitan Magazine out in Beverly Hills. If you're into fashion I'm sure you'd find it interesting. It's kinda short notice, but... wanna come?
You Speech I'd love that!
Kim Kardashian Oh, good! Okay, this will be so much fun. Just make sure to wear something dressier - St. Clair is weird like that. Anyway, I'll get your number, but I have to run - I'm almost late! - but I'll see you soon!
You Speech Bye!