⤿ REASON: Missing Information.

Maria will call you and ask you to come to her office.

Maria: "Do you like cocktails? I sure hope you do, because Elizabeth Korkov loves them and she's inviting you out for some at The Oak Club. Do you know what that means? If Elizabeth Korkov invites you out for cocktails at her favorite club, it could only mean one thing Business."

Speech Interesting. Go on...

"It's a little known secret in the industry that Elizabeth Korkov always sips on cocktails while discussing business..."

Speech That's a bit odd...

Maria: "A little. Personally, I think she needs a few drinks just to be nice and keep from berating someone for five minutes. But you didn't hear that from me. Either way, she wants to be nice to you and make you some sort of offer! Head over to Oak and find out what she wants. Oh, and don't say no."

Speech Okay. On my way...

Korkov will be waiting for you at the Oak Club.

Korkov: "There's the guest of the hour! Don't worry, I haven't seen Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds here today. You can relax and have a good time!"

Speech Oh, that's good! Speech That's too bad...

Korkov: "Indeed! There shall be no childish interruptions. We can enjoy tonight as civilized and incredibly fashionable adults. Speaking of which... I'd like to let you in on a little secret. I've been working on a new clothing line. I call it, PROCLIVITY! All I need is a face for the line..."

Speech I'll do it! Speech Oh? That's cool...

If you select the second choice, Korkov will say the following, Korkov: "Hmm... What if... Yes! I have decided that you will be the new model and face for my new line of clothing! It'll be great for your career. You're welcome."

Speech Sounds good!

Korkov: "Well then, it's settled. The runway reveal of my Proclivity line of clothing will begin in 12 hours!"

Speech Okay!

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