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Crystal Fletcher, along with her boyfriend, Chad Dylan Parker, are the first on the Top Couple List. She first came into the scene in Miraggio Grande with Chad, trying to get a table that Simon had reserved for you and your avatar's love interest.

Appearance Edit

Crystal wears a short black leather dress and sealed heels. Some articles claim that she is most likely to be based off of Victoria Beckham by appearance. She is mostly seen with her partner, Chad Dylan Parker.


Crystal is shown to be very antagonistic towards you and your love interest. This is evident during your first encounter with Crystal and Chad in Miraggio Grande. Even if you choose to act civilised around the couple, they will remain nice but jealous of you. In an incident where the couple was not chosen for a photo shoot, they accused the company of having financial problems, saying that hiring the couple costs too much so they went scraping at "the bottom of the barrel."

Before you meet them, Maria Holmes will warn you that the couple will do anything to stay on top of the Couple List. To prevent you from overthrowing them from their position, they will publicly insult you so that you lose fans.


Chad Dylan ParkerEdit

File:(antemortem) chad dylan parker.png

Chad and Crystal are the top couple most of the time and it's implied that they have more of a love of fame than a love for one another. They are a very good match as they are both very cynical and will do anything to knock you and your partner off the top of the couple's list, going so far as to book the location you had planned to get married.

At one point, it is alluded to that Chad is cheating on her.

Related GoalsEdit

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