After your disastrous meeting with Crystal Fletcher and Chad Dylan Parker at Miraggio Grande, Simon calls. He says that the director of the film Disaster Confessions, Victor Morcello, wants to meet you at Mirimount Studios in Hollywood.

Victor Morcello: "YourName! Good to formally meet you. I'm Victor Morcello. I'd welcome you to the set of Disaster Confessions, but I'm afraid I have some rather... disappointing news for you."

Speech What is it? (Cost: Energy 5)

Victor Morcello: "Well, um, I received a phone call from Chad Dylan Parker's agent, then a call from Chad - then one from Crystal Fletcher - but the point is Chad's threatening to walk off the film unless you're... no longer part of the cast."

Speech What!

Victor Morcello: "The studio - and I - need to keep the star happy, so I'm sorry to say we have to let you go. I'm very sorry."

Speech (Leave quietly.)

Chad D. Parker @ParkChd

@StarNews_Ray, No good way to spin it. YourName was fired. It might be because she is a talentless hack - that's a quote from someone on-set.

-105 fans
Crystal Fletcher @CrystalFletch

@ParkChd It could be that or maybe it's because s/he literally stands around all day. Also a quote.

-105 fans

Dirk Diamonds @Dirk_Diamonds

@@ParkChd Hahaha!!!!!!1111 It's all SO TRUE!

-26 fans

Willow Pape @WillowPape

@@CrystalFletch Hahaha!!!!!!1111 It's all SO TRUE!

-26 fans

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