You've arrived back at your apartment to change into something dressier. If you're a star, you're rewarded a new top. If you're a starlet, you're rewarded a new dress.

Tap on the coat hanger icon KustomizationIcon to open your wardrobe and change your outfit.

Available Actions

Action Cost Reward
search for clothing to wear Energy3 Cash+4 XP+2
DresstoImpressWhiteDress DresstoImpressBlueDenimJacket
Starlet Star

After you've changed into your new clothes, Kim will give you a call.


Kim Kardashian Hey! It's Kim Kardashian. I just wanted to let you know that you're all set to come by the shoot, and I have an extra little surprise for you... So, remember: it's the Metropolitan Magazine building in Beverly Hills, and don't forget to dress to impress. See you soon!
You Speech Okay!

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