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duLUXE Lifestyle Apartments is the housing that you already own as you start the game.

This apartment is owned by landlord Silvio Carbone. You have to pay him your Cash750 rent in the goal Rent Money or Rented Time. If you don't pay, he will lock you out until you pay him.

Related Goals

duLUXE Lifestyle Apartments

Unfurnished - Furnished


Image Cost Purchase Reward
DuLUXEWhiteCouch Cash 500 GoldHeart 4
DuLUXEMoviePoster Star 2 GoldHeart 1
DuLUXETable Cash 250 GoldStar 2
DuLUXEFloorLamp Cash 125 GoldHeart 1
DuLUXESilverChair Cash 100 GoldStar 1

duLUXE Apartments Exterior


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