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Elizabeth Korkov is a major name in the game's fashion industry. She is a well-known fashion designer who first makes an appearance in Queen Korkov, where she is looking for a substitute model to showcase her Perfektion Collection. She will often be mentioned in the game by characters such as Kim Kardashian and Simon Orsik.

Personality Edit

Elizabeth is shown to have a rather unkind personality. This is evident when she talks about Leslie, a "soggy, sobby, sorry excuse for a model" during your first encounter with her at Muse Magazine. She has very high regards for her designs and will often tell you that her clothes "sell themselves."

Background Trivia Edit

Elizabeth Korkov is believed to have been based off of Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of American Vogue since 1988. Both women have shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair and dark sunglasses, and it can be noted that even their fashion style is alike.

It is also rumored that Kim Kardashian, with whom Wintour has had multiple disputes, intentionally put Korkov in the game when Wintour declined to go to Kim and her partner Kanye West's wedding due to a "longstanding family commitment."

Related Goals Edit

Queen Korkov
Who is this? Where the heck are my assistants? WAIT. I recognize you. You were on the cover of Muse Magazine! (Your Name)? Right...

You must be here to stand in for that cry baby excuse for a model, Leslie. My first rule in modelling: There is NO CRYING in modelling, got it?

I will not have some soggy, sobby, sorry excuse for a model ruin my Perfektion Collection event!

1. Speech Yes ma'am! Energy 6
2. Speech (Ask about Leslie.) Energy 6
3. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Look, I don't have time to teach you everything you're supposed to already know. You've got the looks, but can you walk the walk?

Speech I've modeled...

That's nice darling, but you're not going to be showing off your jammies to mommy. You're here to model an Elizabeth Korkov original!

What's more, you'll be in the presence of fashion legends Martina Brakowski, Miguel Morilaglu and Casper Vinifellini!

Lucky for you, my fashion designs sell themselves. All you have to do is try to keep from tripping over yourself. Think you can manage that?

Speech Of course...

We'll have to see. Do a good job and you just might have a future in New York...

Go on and get yourself ready. My clothing may sell itself, but it can't walk out there for you!

Speech ...

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