Q: How do I add friends to my Game Center account?

A: Adding Friends in Game Center:

  • Open the Game Center app
  • Click on the Friends tab at the bottom of the screen
  • In the top left corner of the screen you should see a small [+] button; tap it
  • Type in the username of the user you want to add. You must type in the exact username of the person you want to add, including capital letters, numbers and symbols. You can also add multiple usernames in this section to make adding many of friends at once easier
  • You can personalize the request message by tapping on the message box
  • Tap the 'Send' button in the top right corner of the page

To send a gift to your friend, simply find them in your contacts list in the game and hit the big red gift button next to their avatar. Note that gifting costs cash or stars.

Q: How do I add friends on Android devices?

A: Use Facebook friends when playing on an Android device. Android devices cannot be friends with Apple devices as they run on different servers.

Q: I should have gotten a call but it still says "available soon" with no call! Why?

A: If you currently have another project running, you will not get any calls for projects. You can check for sure if you are in the middle of a project by checking your goals on the side of your screen.

Q: This building is locked. Why?

A: The building is locked because there is essentially nothing useful in it or you need to get to a certain goals to unlock it. Some places will only open for goals and be locked again once you are done. There is no explanation as to why they are locked.

Q: Can I sell my house?

A: Unfortunately no, you cannot sell your houses.

Q: Can I network with a love interest or visa versa?

A: You are allowed to network with love interests, but once they become a co-star, you are still allowed to date them but they will no longer be considered as a professional contact once you go on a date with them.

Q: Can I change my character's name?

A: Yes you can, but the abillity to happens at a certain point and you must contact Maria in order to do so.

Q: What are the gold hearts and stars symbols on clothing in the wardrobe?

A: The GoldStarGold Stars on clothing give points towards your Star Power which if you have enough will give you a bonus gold star on projects. This means you only have to fill 4 BlueStarBlue Stars.

The GoldHeartGold Hearts work the same but on dates, meaning you only have to fill 4 HeartHearts. Also your date will insult your outfit if your score is low.

Your current score for both GoldStarGold Stars and GoldHeartGold Hearts is displayed to the left of your character in the wardrobe. You can improve it by purchasing items in the wardrobe, cars, and furniture that have these symbols on them.

Q: My manager isn't calling me about big projects or goals anymore! Am I done with the game?

A: Chances are if you are not at the maximum level, you are not done with the game. However, sometimes you may have finished all the goals you can for the level you are at. Each level has its own goals to it, so level up and see if you get any more goals. If you don't it is a potential glitch in the game or goals have not been implemented.

Q: My dates keep leaving me because I'm too busy with projects. How can I solve this?

A: Go on a date right before you shoot. This may prevent your date from wanting to bail out on you. If they are still wanting to break up afterwards, devote some serious time to dating and put off projects for now.

Q: I'm too busy to play! Is there a way to pause the game? What should I do?

A: This game runs on real-time, therefore there is no way to pause the game. The best thing to do if you are too busy to play is to not open your game until you are ready to play. You will lose some fans but it would only happen once, rather than opening up the game multiple times and losing fans every time . Also make sure that if you are in a relationship, it isn't one you care for. Unless you have any timed goals, nothing else should be effected and you can pick up where you left off the next time you are free.

Q: I removed a friend that plays KKH from Game Center or Facebook, but they still appear in-game! Is it just me?

A: The contacts list can be very buggy, but those contacts do eventually disappear. Just make sure to reconnect your Game Center or Facebook account to try to refresh it every so often.

Q: I completed an offer but have not received my credits?

A: Currently there are some issues around the retrieval of earned credits. If you play on Android device, the best way to reach SponsorPay is through the “support” button located at the bottom of the offerwall within the game. Please note that proof of your completed offer may be required.

If you play on iOS device, the easiest way for you to get a hold of Tapjoy is through the support links which they provide in each of their platforms. If you are using the in-app version of the Marketplace, you can reach them through the “Missing Points?” link at the bottom of their list of offers. If you are using the MyTapjoy app, open it and log into your account. From there, you will be able to find the failed offer and report it to their support team.

If this offer was completed very recently, please be patient as sometimes it takes a few hours for the validation to take effect depending on the offer type.

Q: How do I prevent crashing?

A:The two most important issues for any game are system resources, and quality of connection.

Most games tend to be resource-hungry and can crash without enough memory or CPU time. It's best to let the game run exclusively:

If you are playing on an Android Device

1) Go into your device Settings, 2) Choose "Applications" 3) "Manage Applications," 4) Tap the "Running" tab 5) Close running apps

Then close any apps that aren't essential. (some devices show a "force close" option to use).

If you are playing on iOS Device running on iOS 7

Double tap on the home button to see the apps running in the background, then swipe the upwards with your finger to clear it from memory. You can repeat this action for all other apps you would like to close.

For iOS Devices running on previous versions

Double tap on the home button to see the apps running in the background, then touch one of them and hold your finger down until you see a red minus sign, touch the sign to terminate the app. You can terminate most apps on this screen to free up memory. Tap on the home button to return then try to launch the game now. Most users report this works for them. if it does not work for you right away, turn off your device completely then turn it back on and try again.

WIFI on Android & iOS Devices

For best results you'll want to always use a reliable WiFi connection rather than 3G or 4G. 3G/4G can vary quite a bit depending on traffic in your area and may not be reliable at times. Having high "bars" indicates good signal strength but may not reflect actual throughput.

Even if you have good signal strength showing for your WiFi connection, your bandwidth may be limited if the network is congested (For example, if there are many other users sharing the network and/or others are doing bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming video.)

There are free bandwidth test apps available wherever you normally download apps, that you may want to check out, or you can conduct such tests through your device's web browser.

Q: If I uninstall, will I lose my progress?

A: Your saved information is held on your device and will be deleted if the game is uninstalled. If playing on an iOS Device, the iCloud does save your game data but it is not always guaranteed to store it fully. Regularly backing up your device via iTunes will help keep a record of your game. Do not try to troubleshoot by uninstalling- please contact glu first via their Support Page. If you erase your saved progress, glu cannot restore it for you.

Q: I'm having this glitch and it is frustrating! What can I do?

A: Contact glu via their Support Page so they can address the issue. When contacting the team please state your game, the device you play on and the issue clearly.

Q: I love Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and want to be more involved with the community! Where do I go?

A: You will be going to the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Official Forums! It is a fairly active forum with a community to discuss the game with or ask questions about issues or concerns. It is highly recommended to check it out, especially if you want to read up on advice, find some answers or just make some new friends for the game.

If you want more specific questions answered, please feel free to message either OneStormyNight or Samurai Pizza Cat.

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