As you progress you will have more options to customize your character. Levels and costs are approximate.

Everything listed are free starters unless noted.


NeutralTone SkinTone1 SkinTone2 SkinTone3 SkinTone4 SkinTone5
Face Face1Skin1 Face1Skin2 Face1Skin3 Face1Skin4 Face1Skin5
Face2 Face2Skin1 Face2Skin2 Face2Skin3 Face2Skin4 Face2Skin5
Face3 Face3Skin1 Face3Skin2 Face3Skin3 Face3Skin4 Face3Skin5
Face4 Face4Skin1 Face4Skin2 Face4Skin3 Face4Skin4 Face4Skin5
Face5 Face5Skin1 Face5Skin2 Face5Skin3 Face5Skin4 Face5Skin5


Note: You cannot actually have eyes without eye makeup.

NeutralIris IrisColor1 IrisColor2 IrisColor3 IrisColor4 IrisColor5 IrisColor6 IrisColor7 IrisColor8
StarletEyes1 Eyes1Iris1 Eyes1Iris2 Eyes1Iris3 Eyes1Iris4 Eyes1Iris5 Eyes1Iris6 Eyes1Iris7 Eyes1Iris8
StarletEyes2 Eyes2Iris1 Eyes2Iris2 Eyes2Iris3 Eyes2Iris4 Eyes2Iris5 Eyes2Iris6 Eyes2Iris7 Eyes2Iris8
StarletEyes3 Eyes3Color1 Eyes3Color2 Eyes3Color3 Eyes3Color4 Eyes3Color5 Eyes3Color6 Eyes3Color7 Eyes3Color8
StarletEyes4 Eyes4Iris1 Eyes4Iris2 Eyes4Iris3 Eyes4Iris4 Eyes4Iris5 Eyes4Iris6 Eyes4Iris7 Eyes4Iris8
StarletEyes5 Eyes5Iris1 Eyes5Iris2 Eyes5Iris3 Eyes5Iris4 Eyes5Iris5 Eyes5Iris6 Eyes5Iris7 Eyes5Iris8


NeutralTone SkinTone1 SkinTone2 SkinTone3 SkinTone4 SkinTone5
Nose1 Nose1Skin1 Nose1Skin2 Nose1Skin3 Nose1Skin4 Nose1Skin5
Nose2 Nose2Skin1 Nose2Skin2 Nose2Skin3 Nose2Skin4 Nose2Skin5
Nose3 Nose3Skin1 Nose3Skin2 Nose3Skin3 Nose3Skin4 Nose3Skin5
Nose4 Nose4Skin1 Nose4Skin2 Nose4Skin3 Nose4Skin4 Nose4Skin5
Nose5 Nose5Skin1 Nose5Skin2 Nose5Skin3 Nose5Skin4 Nose5Skin5


Note: You cannot actually have lips without lipstick

NeutralTone SkinTone1 SkinTone2 SkinTone3 SkinTone4 SkinTone5
Lips1 Lips1Skin1 Lips1Skin2 Lips1Skin3 Lips1Skin4 Lips1Skin5
Lips2 Lips2Skin1 Lips2Skin2 Lips2Skin3 Lips2Skin4 Lips2Skin5
Lips3 Lips3Skin1 Lips3Skin2 Lips3Skin3 Lips3Skin4 Lips3Skin5
Lips4 Lips4Skin1 Lips4Skin2 Lips4Skin3 Lips4Skin4 Lips4Skin5
Lips5 Lips5Skin1 Lips5Skin2 Lips5Skin3 Lips5Skin4 Lips5Skin5

KustomizationIcon Kustomization-starlet-face Kustomization-starlet-hair Kustomization-starlet-tops Kustomization-starlet-bottoms Kustomization-starlet-shoes Kustomization-starlet-accessories KustomizationIcon
Kustomize Face Hair Tops Bottoms Shoes Accessories Stars

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