⤿ REASON: Reward missing.

Korkov will be waiting for you at Oak.

Korkov: "Ah, there's my fashionable friend! I have something to discuss that I think you'll be very excited about!"

Speech Sounds interesting!

Korkov: "I've decided that since you are the face of my Proclivity line of clothing, I want to offer you exclusivity!"

Speech What do you mean?

Speech Wow, really?

Choosing the first option warrants the following response from Korkov,

Korkov: "Proclivity. Available exclusively at your shop, So Chic! Sounds good, doesn't it?"

Speech It sounds fantastic!"

Korkov: "Good! Then we're in business. Of course, you'll need to appear at the store to promote my clothing line. I can have your store fully stocked with Proclivity in 12 hours!"

Speech Okay!

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