Garrett St. Clair
(antemortem) garrett st. clair
Gender Male
List CList C-List

Garrett St. Clair first comes onto the scene at Say Cheese! where he is the photographer for a surprise photo shoot.

Background Trivia

Garrett St. Clair is a top model photographer.

Related Goals


Dialogue is logged alphabetically by goal title.

Bound to… Impress!
That look is perfect for PopGlam Shoot. Shall we begin?

1. Speech start (+bonus!) Time 1 hr
2. Speech come back later

After Guest Appearance
Hey, you must be Kim's friend… sorry, I forget what she said your name was…

Speech My name is...

(Your Name), right! I'm Garrett St. Clair. Well, I'm all set up for your photo shoot.
Speech Photo shoot?

After talking to Kim

You look great! Are you ready?
Speech Ready!

Say Cheese
You're doing well! Let's try to get a profile shot.

Speech Okay.

Keep it up!
Speech Thanks!

After the Photo Shoot

Not bad… And you said you've never done this before?
Speech Never.

Well… if I were you, I'd consider a career change to modeling. You might just make it.

Incidentally, I'm throwing a party tonight - Kim's coming - why don't you come as well?
Speech Hm...

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