Previous Goal
Turn Up Your Jam


Following Goal
Face First


Good "PR"
Task Speak to Pascale Rodero at Metropolitan Magazine in Beverly Hills

This is the goal after Turn Up Your Jam. Pascale will be waiting for you at Metropolitan Magazine for your go-see.

Pascale: "Hi Your Name, I'm Pascale Rodero. It's nice to meet you."

Speech Pleasure! {Energy}4

Speech (Come back later.)

Pascale: "I don't know if you remember me from your party... I've been looking at your work recently, and I'm impressed. You're just the person who I want to represent - to be the face of! - my new "PR Collection." It's sexy, elegant - timeless, really. What do you say?"

Speech Why not?

Speech I don't know...

If you respond with the first option,

Pascale: "You've made my day! We'll book the shoot, and start in 4 hours."

Speech Great!

This will lead to Face First.

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