Having met you at your birthday party at Chateau Nuit in Las Vegas, fashion designer Pascale Rodero has contacted Simon and asked to have a meeting with you.

You decide to take the meeting and meet Pascale at Metropolitan Magazine in Beverly Hills.

Once there, Pascale asks you to be the face of her new fashion collection, the "PR Collection", a timeless, elegant and sexy collection.

You can either choose to agree to model for her immediately, or drive a hard bargain. If you choose the latter option, Pascale will give you an extra Cash200 on the spot.


Simon Orsik You scared me! I didn't see you come in, YourName, but I'm glad you're here.
You Speech Why's that?
Simon Orsik I received a call from Pascale Rodero. She wants you to be the face of her upcoming "PR" collection.
You Speech Who...?
Simon Orsik She's an up and coming designer. I guess she saw you at your birthday bash in Vegas. This could be the event that launches your career. Pascale's in LA on business and wants to meet with you. Head down to Metropolitan Magazine for a go-see with her.
You Speech Sounds good!

Pascale Rodero Hi YourName, I'm Pascale Rodero. It's nice to meet you.
You Speech 1 Pleasure! Energy4
Speech 2 (Come back later.)
Pascale Rodero I don't know if you remember me from your party... I've been looking at your work recently, and I'm impressed. You're just the person who I want to represent - to be the face of! - my new "PR Collection." It's sexy, elegant - timeless, really. What do you say?
You Speech A Why not?
Speech B I don't know...
Pascale Rodero Speech A You've made my day! We'll book the shoot, and start in 4 hours.
Speech B You drive a hard bargain, YourName. I will obviously make it worth your while!
You Speech B How so?
Pascale Rodero Speech B I'll give you Cash$200 right now.
You Speech B Sounds good.
Pascale Rodero Speech B You've made my day! We'll book the shoot, and start in 4 hours.
You Speech B Great!