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Once you reach level 9, you can adopt a baby or have one with your partner. Below, you will find a list of all the hairstyles that are available for a female baby.

The hairstyle your child wears when you get them - whether that's through adoption or through getting one with your partner - is the basic hairstyle.


Colour-01 Colour-02 Colour-03 Colour-04 Colour-05 Colour-06 Colour-07
Colour-08 Colour-09 Colour-10 Colour-11 Colour-12 Colour-13 Colour-14
Colour-15 Colour-16 Colour-17 Colour-18 Colour-19 Colour-20 Colour-21
Baby-hair-hair31 Cost: Cash2,500
Baby-hair-hair32 Cost: Star25
Baby-hair-hair33 Cost: Star100
Baby-hair-hair01 Cost: Cash1,500
Baby-hair-hair02 Cost: Star40
Baby-hair-hair03 Cost: Star20
Baby-hair-hair04 Cost: Star40
Baby-hair-hair05 Cost: Star150
Baby-hair-hair06 Cost: Cash2,500
Baby-hair-hair07 Cost: Star20
Baby-hair-hair08 Cost: Star150
Baby-hair-hair09 Cost: Star30
Baby-hair-hair10 Cost: Star30
Baby-hair-hair11 Cost:Cash1,500
Baby-hair-hair12 Cost: Star50
Baby-hair-hair13 Cost: Free
Baby-hair-hair14 Cost: Star100
Baby-hair-hair15 Cost: Star50
Baby-hair-hair16 Cost: Star25
Baby-hair-hair17 Cost: Cash3,500
Baby-hair-hair34 Cost: Star75
Baby-hair-hair18 Cost: Star20
Baby-hair-hair19 Cost: Cash9,000
Baby-hair-hair20 Cost: Star30
Baby-hair-hair21 Cost: Star25
Baby-hair-hair22 Cost: Cash8,000
Baby-hair-hair23 Cost: Star50
Baby-hair-hair24 Cost: Cash9,500
Baby-hair-hair25 Cost: Star20
Baby-hair-hair26 Cost: Cash9,500
Baby-hair-hair27 Cost: Cash7,500
Baby-hair-hair28 Cost: Cash9,000
Baby-hair-hair29 Cost: Star60
Baby-hair-hair30 Cost: Star20
Baby-hair-hair35 Cost: Star20