Completing goals and leveling up through the game unlocks new Kustomization options for your character. Below, you will find a list of all the hairstyles for a female character (Starlet).


Long Hairstyles
Long 01 Long 02 Long 03 Long 04 Long 05
Short Hairstyles
Short 01 Short 02 Short 03 Short 04 Short 05
Hatted Hairstyles
Hat 01
Colour-01 Colour-02 Colour-03 Colour-04 Colour-05
Colour-06 Colour-07

Level 2Edit

Long Hairstyles
Cost: Cash120
Reward: GoldStar1
Long 06s
Short Hairstyles
Cost: Cash120
Reward: GoldHeart1
Short 06s

Level 3Edit

These new colours cost Star10 each to unlock.

Colour-10 Colour-11 Colour-12 Colour-13 Colour-14
Colour-15 Colour-16 Colour-17 Colour-18 Colour-19
Colour-20 Colour-21 Colour-22

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