⤿ REASON: Missing Dialogue.

After the drama, Simon will call and suggest that you find a publicist. Luckily he knows just the one.


Dirk Diamonds Willow Pape What are YOU doing here? Are you STALKING me? WTF?
You Speech I came to talk...
Dirk Diamonds Willow Pape Wow, that's great... except no one here wants to talk to you. I'm an important celebrity with stuff to do other than suck up to Kim Kardashian - she didn't mention me, did she?
You Speech 1 Not in a good way...
Speech 2 You wish!
Dirk Diamonds Willow Pape 1 & 2 Whatever. Beat it. P.S.: your creepy stalker photo is going right online... KK, bye now.
You Speech 1 & 2 (Leave quietly.)

Dirk Diamonds @Dirk_Diamonds
Trying to film a commercial at Mirimount, but turns out I'm being STALKED by @YourName!!!
-211 fans

Willow Pape @Willow Pape
Trying to film a commercial at Mirimount, but turns out I'm being STALKED by @YourName!!!
-211 fans

Simon Orsik YourName! Simon here. I just saw an update on your feed - what's this about stalking people now?
You Speech (Explain.)
Simon Orsik I see. A publicist could serve you well, and I think I know just the person: Maria Holmes. She's an excellent publicist, and she knows every trick in the book. And besides her sometimes, um, violent mood swings, she's a delight. Her office is actually in my building. Why don't we go meet her?
You Speech Sure!
Simon Orsik Good! And if you're talking to Kim, tell her I haven't gotten any Instantgrams from her yet... I'm not complaining... I'm just making an observation.
You Speech (Hang up.)

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