⤿ REASON: Missing Dialogue.

On the way there, you will run into Lon Garrera again. He will tell you that Willow/Dirk has been talking smack about you all over the social media… including Kim! After you speak to Lon, you will get a feed update that shows a post that sounds fairly threatening…

You can gain fans from stories like these.

Continue to head over to Kim's place and speak to her. She advises that you get a publicist to handle situations like these.

During the conversation, you can either choose to say:
Speech I'll handle Dirk/Willow. +CashXP
Speech I'll talk to Simon. +CashXP

If you choose I'll handle Dirk/Willow, you will receive a special goal to confront them
called Haters Gonna Hate.


Lon Garrera Hey! You! Yeah, you!
You Speech Who are you?
Lon Garrera Me? Lon Garrera, but that's not important. I wanna know who YOU are. I saw you at The Brew Palms; you apparently know Kim Kardashian, and I saw you arguing with Dirk Diamonds/Willow Pape. You could be a goldmine for someone in my line of work!
You Speech Line of work...?
Lon Garrera Paparazzi! You know... following celebrities looking for a good story or picture. So. Dirk/Willow seemed pretty upset last night... I guess you two aren't on the best of terms?
You Speech 1 We're not...
Speech 2 I guess not...
Speech 3 We just met...
Lon Garrera Speech 1
Speech 2
Speech 3 That's weird, because s/he's been going off about you - and Kim! - on EVERY social media outlet...
You Speech 1
Speech 2
Speech 3 Really?
Lon Garrera Speech 1
Speech 2
Speech 3 Oh, yeah! You should really follow this stuff. Anyway... smile! On to more important people... no offence.
You Speech ...

Dirk Diamonds @Dirk_Diamonds
A NOBODY ruins the party and I get kicked out? How does @YourName even know @KimKardashian? Total CONSPIRACY!
+790 fans

Willow Pape @WillowPape
A NOBODY ruins the party and I get kicked out? How does @YourName even know @KimKardashian? Total CONSPIRACY!
+790 fans

Kim Kardashian Hey, you found it all right! What do you think?
You Speech Beautiful - and big!
Kim Kardashian You should see the recording studio - but thanks! Ugh. We'll have to put lunch on hold. I have to deal with this... who is Dirk Diamonds/Willow Pape? Is... is that the crazy guy/girl that yelled at you the other night? Oh, my god!
You Speech Sure is.
Kim Kardashian Have you seen what s/he's been saying about you - and me? It is so disrespectful!
You Speech 1 What should I do?
Speech 2 Should I tell Simon?
Kim Kardashian Speech 1
Speech 2 Simon's great but he's not exactly in touch with social media or... technology in general. He literally thinks "Instantgram" is something you receive in the mail, and he was using a beeper until 2008. Bible! I'm not even making that up.
You Speech So what do I do?
Kim Kardashian Honestly, I think you need someone to manage your image - a publicist. And while he's not good with social media, I bet Simon could help you find a publicist who is!
You Speech A I'll handle Dirk/Willow.
Speech B I'll talk to Simon.
Kim Kardashian Speech A
Speech B If you say so. Good luck!
You Speech Thanks!

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