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The Igloo Club is a business located in Reykjavík, Europe, which unlocks when you reach level Level 14.

The club is offered to you by real-estate agent Sandra Kirkland, and it is run by bouncer Magnus Olafson. If you purchase the club for Star50, you can do an appearance as a celebrity bartender, a celebrity DJ, or a celebrity host, once a week.

If you earn a 5-star rating on your celebrity bartender appearance, you earn Star1 and Cash650. If you earn a 5-star rating on your celebrity DJ appearance, this reward is increased to Star2 and Cash1,250.

Finally, if you earn a 5-star rating on your celebrity host appearance, you earn Star2 and Cash950.

As with homes, purchasing the club counts towards the Cribs achievement.



  • DJ booth: Star35.
  • VIP Lounge set: Star25.

Igloo Club Exterior

Igloo club

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