Before you were famous… you were new to Hollywood.

Welcome to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood! Get ready to join Kim Kardashian on a red carpet adventure! Create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune!

Start the game by choosing your gender and customize your character (you can also do this later in the game). Don't worry about naming yourself yet, that will come later.


Following Goal
Closing Up


The game starts off at your first day of working in a boutique called So Chic Boutique. Your boss, Luther Alexander, is late for an appointment to look at an apartment in Beverly Hills.

He needs you to lock up when you leave but before he does he wants you to straighten the shirt on the mannequin, it's a little crooked for his liking.

Afterwards, Luther will ask you to fold the clothes and remind you to lock the register before you leave.

Things you can do have little pointers. Tap them to get points and cash.

Tap the colored pointer on the mannequin to see the task,
then tap the pointer again to complete it.

Action Energy Cost
straighten shirt Energy 1

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