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It's a Celebration
Task Speak to Marcel Tesiano at Kardash Calabasas

Kim will invite you to the grand opening of Kardash Calabasas. On the way there, Lon Garrera will stop you for pictures.

Lon: You keep popping up everywhere!

Speech (Pose.)

Speech (Ignore.)

Once inside, Kim will greet you.

Kim: "Hey! Thanks for coming!"

Speech No problem!

Kim: "I hope you're having a good time. Did you see Marcel Tesiano over there? Can you BELIEVE he came? It's such an honor. Did you meet him yet?"

Speech Not yet.

Kim: "Oh, well, don't be shy! He's a really nice guy."

Speech Okay.

This will lead to Mingle.


Feed Update!

TrendStyle @TrendStyleMag

We have an early look at which fashion icons will be at Kardash's re-opening event. Sorry, @StarNews_Ray... you're too late on this one!

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