Luna Condos
Location Hollywood
Cost Cash 2000 or Star 10
Level 3
Sections 2
Pet Boxer

Luna Condos is a home that you can purchase in Hollywood for Cash2000 or Star10.

Luna Condos has two sections, the condo and a garage. You can purchase a car in your garage for Cash20000. By doing so, you will use your car instead of the bus stops to travel for free.

Related Goals

Luna Condos


Unfurnished - Furnished


Unfurnished - Furnished


Condo Furniture
Image Cost Purchase Reward
LunaCondosTV Cash 1000 GoldHeart 8
LunaCondosTable Cash 250 GoldStar 2
LunaCondosDog Star 20 GoldStar 8
LunaCondosCouch Cash 750 GoldHeart 6
LunaCondosSmallTable Cash 500 GoldStar 4
LunaCondosTelescope Star 10 GoldHeart 5
Garage Furniture
Image Cost Purchase Reward
LunaCondosCar Cash20000 GoldStar 160

Luna Condos Exterior


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