Luther Alexander
Luther alexander
Gender Male
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Luther Alexander is the first character you meet in the game as part of the Introduction, where he introduces you to actions and how they work throughout the game.

Background Trivia

Luther works at So Chic in Downtown LA as your manager. After completing the Take Miami goal, you will stop working at So Chic and Luther will appear to be irritated whenever you visit the boutique, mainly due to your resignation.

Later in the game, you will be able to purchase So Chic. Even as the owner, you can still earn Cash Cash through working a shift by speaking to Luther, who will treat you more nicely. You can also ask him for advice regarding the game.

Related Goals


Dialogue is logged alphabetically by goal title.

Where's that new guy/girl? There you are! Listen, i'm late for an appointment to look at an apartment in Beverly Hills, so I'm going to need you to lock up when you leave.

Speech Okay.

Good. Before I leave though, I want you to straighten the shirt on that mannequin. It's a little too crooked for my liking.
Speech Okay…

That's right… tap the purple bubble to straighten the shirt.
Speech Okay.

After you straighten the shirt

That's more like it. And I need you to re-fold those shirts over there.

All right... I'm out. Don't forget to lock the register before you leave.
Speech Okay.

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