Maria Holmes
Gender Female
List EList E-List

Maria Holmes first comes onto the scene during Socially Awkward, where Kim Kardashian and Simon Orsik have referred you to a publicist.

Background Trivia

Maria Holmes is a publicist who works at CTM Management and Publicity. She is known to know every trick in the book, as well as having a violent side to her...Thats why she needs some therapy asap.

Related Goals


Dialogue is logged alphabetically by goal title.

Holmes on Venues
(Your Name)! How come I had to find out from Simon that it's almost your birthday? How did he KNOW BEFORE ME!

Sorry… I lost it there. What can I do for you, hun?
Speech Birthday party…

Oh, a birthday bash? Let's see… with SUCH short notice it'll be tough… but…

I know! Chateau Nuit - out in Vegas. It'll be the perfect venue - if it's available. Why don't you go check it out and see if you like it?
Speech Sure.

Moving Day
(Your Name), hun, how are you?

1. Speech Good. Cash+6 XP+3
2. Speech Not so well… Cash+6 XP+3

1 & 2. Really? Then what's this I hear about you living in some shoebox in downtown LA?

You can live like that long after you've reached the pinnacle of your career then went bankrupt from fast living and poor decisions!

I saw a listing for a condo out in Hollywood I want you to take a look at - and then possession of.
Speech Okay.

A Second Opinion/Take Miami
Well, you can follow directions pretty well, hun - that IS something. So… good for you. That is a compliment. My therapist would be proud of me.

Speech Therapist?

Yeah… I kind of had this thing where I yelled at my old assistant because she was an incompetent failure - er, I mean…

Long, angry story short, I have completely unnecessary court-appointed therapy sessions to "control my anger", even though I know I don't have any anger issues.
Speech Oh…

I'm sure it's under control now, though - just don't cross me! Now, if we're done prying into my history, I have something else for you…
Speech What is it?

Well, I know Kim would never ask, but I also know she's looking for someone to oversee the Kardash Miami store: doing the buying for it, and such.

And before you say it: no, it's not a photo shoot, or acting gig, but it's better than the clothing folding you're doing now at "So Whatever"…

… and it could net you some good networking opportunities along the way if you can get in as the buyer for the store! Besides, Miami is great, and I hear the Cuban coffee there is to die for!
Speech Hm…

And form what I can tell, you've been in and out of enough retail jobs that you know what you're doing.

I KNOW I'm no manager, but I do know this is a good move - and know how to use a smartphone. Go ask Simon if you want.

1. Speech I will…
2. Speech I believe you… +CashXP
3. Speech About his phone?

2. Good - you SHOULD. I think Kim left just the other day to have a look at the Miami store. Take the next flight out to Miami and make your case!
Speech Okay.

3. No! Not about his phone…
Speech Right…

Socially Awkward
So, this is Simon "I still own a beeper" Orsik's newest client? You, (Your Name), don't want to know what he thinks a selfie is…

Well… you certainly have the look, but here's the deal: I'll take you on as a client for now, but only as a favor to Simon.
Speech Okay.

You're lucky. His technological shortcomings aside, he's a good manager, so you have no excuse if you screw up.

And if you can show me that you can NOT embarrass yourself in public and do what I say… I'll keep you around. Sound good?
Speech Got it.

Good. Now, let's get to why you're here: Stalkergate - whatever you want to call it, is not the introduction to the world you want. Dirk Diamonds/Willow Pape… s/he's angry with you for what exactly? You hit on his ex?

1. Speech Apparently.
2. Speech I did.

1. Hm… sounds to me like she's jealous. Do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, or… any friends? Don't tell me you're a bitter loner. I WON'T represent another one of those.
Speech I'm not.

2. That's a good way to make enemies! Do you have a… different boyfriend, girlfriend, or… any friends? Don't tell me you're a bitter loner. I WON'T represent another one of those.
Speech I'm not.

Well, then it's easy: go on a date! You won't be seen as a home wrecker if you're clearly not wrecking any homes!
Speech A date?

That's what I JUST said. A date shouldn't be hard to find: this city is filled with lonely, if not desperate people - maybe stay away from the desperate ones, though.
Speech Hm…

Oh! And I almost forgot. As part of my comprehensive package, I can also take to the Internet and get some revenge on Dirk Diamonds/Willow Pape.

Just a little rumor, some gossip to get some negative attention on him/her if you'd like.

1. Speech (Get revenge.) +CashXP
2. Speech (Take high road.) +CashXP

1. Who needs therapy when blasting someone online makes me feel better than all the CBT and SSRIs in the world could?

2. You're no fun! I'll just have to relieve my stress some OTHER way then.
Speech ….

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