⤿ REASON: Missing level

Go to The Brew Palms to introduce yourself to Alvin Greene.

Dialogue: Edit

You receive a phone call from Simon asking you to come to his office to trigger the goal.

Simon Orsik: "Hello, YourName. I have some wonderful news. Apparently, you caught the eyes of Alvin Greene at The Oak Club a little while ago... Alvin's a producer for several very successful sitcoms on television, but he also handles a lot of commercials. He says he'd like to talk to you."

Speech (Ask for details.)

Simon: "It sounds like he wants you in one of his commercials. It's not much, but you could use the experience. Who knows where it could lead in the future! Anyway, I'll let you two discuss the details. Head over to Hollywood and meet Alvin at The Brew Palms. Good luck!"

Speech Thanks Simon!

Alvin will be waiting in The Brew Palms.

Alvin Greene: "YourName! A pleasure to meet you. I'll cut straight to the chase, if you don't mind...I noticed you at Oak and I happen to think you have a great appeal. I can't make any promises, but I believe you could be a big star."

SpeechThanks! Energy 7

Alvin: "We'll start with a commercial and see where our business partnership can go from there. If everything goes well, we'll see a lot more of each other... The commercial we're shooting for Axio jewelry is all about making a scene and being adored. You're a natural fit! I believe you've worked with the director before. Her name is Hilary Winters."

SpeechYes, I have.

Alvin: "Great! Hilary is getting everything ready to go for the commercial and we can begin filming in 12 hours. Are you in?"

SpeechI'm in!