After exiting Mirimount Pictures, Simon will call to tell you that he has talked to Cassio and he's like to meet you before his club's opening. He's in town on business and has asked Simon to set up a lunch meeting for the two of you at Panino in Beverly Hills.

Simon will go on to say that is has been years since he has been wined and dined and to enjoy the good times, as the years slip away too fast.

You have the choice to say:

Speech Okay. Thanks.
Speech You okay, Simon

If you ask if he is ok, Simon will say it's nothing and is just busy keeping you busy.

You then have the options to say:

Speech That you do...
Speech I appreciate it +Cash +XP

After speaking to Simon, Maria will call hoping she has catched you in time! She wanted to give you a word of warning about Cassio. Don't let his fancy suit, charming smile and mountains of money seduce you, the guy has never had a stable relationship in his life! The last model he dumped never recovered...

Maria will go on to ask if you have noticed Simon's mood lately and she is going to do some snooping to find out what's up with him.

Head to Panino in Beverly Hills, Cassio will be at the far end of the restaurant. To proceed speaking to Cassio requires Energy 3.