⤿ REASON: Missing Level; Missing Description.

Meet Jean Adrien to get information about an acting job.

If you choose to use your charm for Star5, you will immediately start filming An Act of Kindness.


Jean Adrien Bonjour, YourName! So nice to meet you. I am of course Jean Adrien. Future director extraordinaire!
You Speech Nice to meet you.
Jean Adrien So you are the wonderful person who came to Kim's rescue in her moment of need. I've heard much about you! Kim has told you a little about my short film, yes?
You Speech A little...
Jean Adrien Wonderful! I will be renting a studio lot soon to begin production of my film, but I am still looking for a star. Could it be you?
You Speech I hope so!
Jean Adrien Ah, but you have very little acting experience, yes? Hmm... I think you should get just a wee bit more ating experience before I make you the star of my short film...
You Speech 1 Oh...
Speech 2 (Use your charm.) Star5
Jean Adrien 1 You work on getting yourself a little more acting experience, and I will get in contact with you when I feel confident that you are ready.
2 Beg
You Speech 1 Okay...