⤿ REASON: Reward Missing; Picture Missing.

Jean Adrien will be waiting for you at Panino.

Jean: "Bonjour, YourName! So nice to meet you. I am of course Jean Adrien. Future director extraordinaire!"

Speech Nice to meet you.

Jean: "So you are the wonderful person who came to Kim's rescue in her moment of need. I've heard much about you! Kim has told you a little about my short film, yes?"

Speech A little...

Jean: "Wonderful! I will be renting a studio lot soon to begin production of my film, but I am still looking for a star. Could it be you?"

Speech I hope so!

Jean: "Ah, but you have very little acting experience, yes? Hmm... I think you should get just a wee bit more ating experience before I make you the star of my short film..."

Speech Oh...

Speech (Use your charm.) Star 5

If you say 'Oh...',

Jean: You work on getting yourself a little more acting experience, and I will get in contact with you when I feel confident that you are ready.


This will initiate Acting Experience, or you can start the film immediately if you spent Star5.

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