⤿ REASON: Missing level

Kendall Jenner offers to hook you up with her designer friend who is in search of an assistant.

Dialogue: Edit

The goal begins with a phone call from Kendall.

Kendall Jenner: "Hey, YourName!"

Speech Hi, Kendall!

Kendall: "I'm just calling because I have a friend who's a designer and she needs an assistant ASAP. I know you're thinking of doing some design eventually, so this could be a good chance for you to gain some experience. Are you interested?"

Speech Sure!

Kendall: "Great! She'll be waiting for you at Panino!"

Speech Okay!

At Panino with Justina Seto.

Justina Seto: "Hey, Your Name! I'm glad that you're here! I;ve been a fan of your for a little while. When Kendall told me you wanted to work with me, I had to accept!"

Speech Glad you did!

Justina: "It's a pretty hectic time for me. We're getting ready to debut a new line at the Muse Fashion Showcase. It's a good thing that you're here to help."

Speech (Smile.)

Justina: "I'll call your manager when it's time for us to go to Muse."

Speech Sounds good!