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On a date with Tony/Tory
Time Energy Cost Blue Stars
Time 1 Hour Energy 20 BlueStar 20
Action Cost Reward Achievement
romantic glances Energy 3 Cash 3 XP 4 Heart 3 Love
kiss Energy 5 XP 6 Energy 1 Heart 5 None
flirt Energy 8 XP 7 Heart 7 Foodie
dessert Cash 15 Energy 2 XP 2 Heart 3 None
fancy wine Cash 50 Energy 3 XP 2 Heart 3 None
chef's special Cash 40 Energy 6 XP 7 Heart 7 None
Great Date!
Your relationship with Tony/Tory has improved!
Rating Reward
5Heart XP+10


TonyTory Murphy Hey, YourName? I'm Tony/Tory. Kim told me all about you...
You Speech flirt Heart
TonyTory Murphy Why don't we go on a date right now?
You Speech Okay!

RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @Starnews_Ray
First seen rubbing elbows with Kim Kardashian, and now spotted on what we assume was a steamy date? Who IS (Your Name)? Entertainment's most invasive news team will find out!
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