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Say Cheese


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Mr. Manager


Meet and Greet
Task Use the bus stop to travel to Hollywood
Task Go to The Brew Palms in Hollywood (beside Luna Condos)
Task Speak to Kim at The Brew Palms

Cash+18 XP+9

Head over to the party in Hollywood.

Quickly speak to the guy outside the studio, then head to the bus stop. The bus fare is Cash6 to get to Hollywood.

Once you get to Hollywood, you will run into Luther Alexander. He wants you to head to work tonight for an emergency, but you have the party to go to! When you speak to Luther, you will have to use Star1 to charm him for either option.

Charming people will usually get the best result.

There are two more people on the street, a miscellaneous girl and a paparazzo, Lon Garrera. You can talk to them if you wish. Head inside The Brew Palms when you're done.

Flirt with people to add them as contacts for dating,
or network with them to help you with professional gigs.

When you enter, there will be a D-Lister, the bartender Tyler Bay, and Kim Kardashian.

For stars, the girl will be named Willow Pape. For starlets, the guy will be named Dirk Diamonds. You can either BlueStarnetwork or Heartflirt with them. Flirting with them gives you some extra Cashcash and XPxp.

You can speak to bartender Tyler Bay as well. You can order a drink for Cash10 which will get you some XPxp.

Finally, speak to Kim Kardashian. She'll have you go straight to Simon Orsik from the party so you can have a manager.

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