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Miami Beach Home is a home that you can purchase in Miami. It has four sections: three sections of house and a garage. You can purchase two cars for your garage: the Rover and Banshee. By doing so, you will use your car instead of the bus stops to travel for free.

Miami Beach HouseEdit

Living RoomEdit








Living Room Furniture
Image Cost Purchase Reward
Loveseat Sofa Cash 800
Miniature Pincher Cash15,000| GoldStar40
Coffee Table Cash 300
Chair Cash 300
Painting Star 35
Horse Statue Star 50
Bedroom Furniture
Image Cost Purchase Reward
Chaise Cash 400
Flower Table Cash 650
Bed Cash 1500
Painting Star 20
Backyard Furniture
Image Cost Purchase Reward
Chair Cash 300
Umbrella Table Cash 200
Beach Chaise Lounge Cash 400
Garage Furniture
Image Cost Purchase Reward
Rover Cash 20,000
Banshee Star 100

Miami Beach Home ExteriorEdit



50px Hello YourName! This exclusive beach house just came on the market... have a look around and we'll talk!
You Speech Okay.
50px What do you think? It's right on the beach, you can own another pet, and it has a garage for a new vehicle.
You Speech 1 I'm interested.
Speech 2 It's not for me.
50px 1 The seller is asking for $6,000. It's a bargain at that price.
2 Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
You Speech A (Buy beach house.) Cash6,000
Speech B (Buy beach house.) Star25
Speech C (Cancel.)
50px A & B Welcome home! I'll leave and let you get settled in.
C Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
You Speech A & B & C Okay.

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