Previous Goal
It's a Celebration


Following Goal
Staying Smart


Task Meet guests
Task Pose for pictures
Task Remember names

The goal after It's a Celebration. You must perform the actions meet guests (Energy 3), pose for pictures (Energy 2), and remember names (Energy 1). Then, Marcel Tesiano will speak to you.

Marcel: "Hello..."

Speech (Introduction.) Energy 9

Speech (Come back later.)

Marcel: "Ah, I'm always delighted to meet a friend of Kim's! My name is Marcel Tesiano. You're in modeling... the fashion industry, is that correct?"

Speech I am.

Marcel: "I believe I have seen some of your work. What do you think is important in life?"

Speech Charity. Star5

Speech Money.

Speech Family.

If you select the third option, Marcel will respond with,

Marcel: "Ah, yes. Family is important. For me... charity is the most important thing, though. I am actually going to be working on a campaign for a charity I work closely with called Stay Smart. Perhaps with a little more experience, you could be in the campaign?"

Speech That'd be great!

This will lead to Staying Smart

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