After talking to Kim Kardashian at a party at The Brew Palms in Hollywood, you're going to meet her manager friend.

To leave the bar, tap the red exit icon Exit on the door.

If you're a starlet, you'll run across an angry girl called Willow Pape outside. If you're a star, you'll run across an angry guy called Dirk Diamonds instead.

They'll accuse you of hitting on their ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend, and then they'll stomp off, regardless of your answers.

After the drama, swipe to the right and enter the CTM Management and Publicity building by tapping the yellow building icon BusinessIcon.

Once inside, tap the yellow speech bubble to talk to Simon Orsik, the manager.

Following Kim's advice, he's excited to take you on as a client, and he'll be taking 15 per cent of every project you're a part of.

He'll then ask you for some head shots, but you don't have any. He insists that it's too important not to have them, and he wants you to go to PopGlam Magazine to get some taken.

He also suggests that you buy some new clothes for the shoot.

This will unlock the next goal, Bound to… Impress!


Rival OMG! Who the eff do you think you are?!
You Speech 1 "Eff"? pardon?
Speech 2 Who are you?
Rival Speech 1 Do you know who I am? I'm Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds, and I SAW you. You were CLEARLY hitting on my boyfriend/girlfriend in there! Well... ex...
Speech 2 There's NO WAY you just asked me that. I'm Willow Pape/Dirk Diamonds. Duh. And WHAT did you think you were doing? You were CLEARLY hitting on my boyfriend/girlfriend in there!
You Speech A So what if I did?
Speech B No, I wasn't...
Rival A & B Whatever! I'm MUCH too famous to deal with you, gutter trash. Hashtag: ratchet.
You Speech (Leave quietly.)

Simon Orsik You must be YourName! An absolute pleasure to meet you. I'm Simon Orsik, CTM Management: Celebrity... Creative... Talent... Manage... Group... ...don't ask me what it stands for because I can't remember! Kim's told me a lot about you and I was, of course, interested in anyone she recommends.
You Speech Oh...
Simon Orsik I'm told that you'd be worth my time, and I assume an eventual hefty 15 per cent - so here we are! Now, let's take a look at your head shots, your comp card..
You Speech Comp... what?
Simon Orsik No head shots? Well... luckily those aren't important - except that they are! You'll need to get those taken. A friend of mine over at PopGlam owes me a favor; head over there to get those done right now. I can't have my client NOT have head shots...
You Speech You'll take me on?
Simon Orsik Call it a gut feeling, or maybe the indigestible Chinese I had last night; either way, I have a good, rumbling feeling about you.
You Speech Why?
Simon Orsik A manager never tells... until the release of his best-selling memoir. And as my daughter would say: "YOLO." She's fourteen. Maybe you'll meet her someday. Anyway, head over to PopGlam for the headshots, then back here, so I can start getting you some work.
You Speech Thank you!
Simon Orsik And one more thing: better put on some new clothing to impress the photographers and media! Try getting yourself some new duds.
You Speech Okay.