Previous Goal
Meet and Greet


Following Goal
Bound to… Impress!


Mr. Manager
Task Go to the CTM Management building
next to The Brew Palms
Task Speak to Simon Orsik at CTM Management

Cash+18 XP+9

Upon leaving The Brew Palms after talking with Kim, you run across an angry Dirk Diamonds/Willow Pape. They accuse you of flirting with their exes and insult you. After the drama, head over to CTM Management which is to the right of The Brew Palms.

Speak to Simon Orsik. He'll ask you for some head shots, but you don't have any. He insists that it's too important and to go to PopGlam to get some taken.

He also suggests that you buy some new clothes for the shoot.

Getting new clothing, cars, and homes
can increase your star power for love and work.

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