You receive a call from NeNe Leakes, telling you about an exciting new project she's working on.

NeNe: "YourName, it's NeNe here, how are you?"

Speech Good.

NeNe: "I hope you have some time to talk because I've got an exciting new project on the go."

Speech What's that?

NeNe: "NeNe Leakes is heading to the big screen. I'm going to make a movie and I hope you're going to help."

Speech Sure.

NeNe: "Great. Why don't you meet me at Miraggio Grande and we can talk about it."

Speech Sounds good.

After you travel to Las Vegas, you meet NeNe at the Miraggio Grande.

NeNe: "YourName, thanks for meeting me. I can't wait to get started on this project."

Speech Great!

NeNe: "Now, we want this movie to be good, very good, but we also have to make sure it's popular. There's no point making a movie if no one will see it."

Speech That's true.

NeNe: "So the first thing we have to worry about is the script. And we have a choice, should we choose an original script or should we adapt a famous book? An original script might end up being a more popular choice but if it's based on a book we could charm the critics."

Speech Original
Speech From a book

No matter which you choose, NeNe will say the following:

NeNe: "Okay, I was thinking the same thing. I've been in touch with a writer who would be perfect. Why don't you go meet him and see if he'll write our movie."

Speech Great.

This goal arc is part of a special weekend event series, and will be unavailable after January 31, 2016.

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