Simon will call you into his office.

Simon: "Your Name, good to see you! We have a bit of business to talk about. When you were in Miami, did you happen to notice 'Lif'?"

Speech Yes

Speech No

If you select the first option, Simon will reply with,

Simon: "Good! Lif is set to be the hottest club in South Beach when it has its grand opening. Now, the guest list is all filled up, which is unfortunate because we need you on that guest list!"

Speech Why?

Simon: "Exposure, exposure, exposure! Lif's opening - sponsored by the good people at Immaculat Vodka - might not attract the BIGGEST stars, but it'll attract enough up-and-coming celebrities to get the media's attention. Be seen there and your peers will be 'jel'..."

Speech ...

Simon: "As my daughter would say. Ahem. And you're an up-and-coming celebrity, rigt? Well, on your way, anyway."

Speech Hm...

Simon: "I'm going to see what I can do, but if you have any bright ideas..."

Speech (Mention Misty.)

Simon: "An unknown fashion designer's husband is a marketing executive for the company that's sponsoring the vent you need to that what you're telling me? What a coincidence!"

Speech It is!

Simon: "It's best not to question how that occurred. Okay, okay, this is good... maybe you can do a favor for this Tom Lord fellow..."

Speech Ew...

Speech Good idea!

If you choose the second option,

Simon: "I didn't get to where I am with terrible ideas - though my decision in the 80's to represent trained animals was certainly a setback. Anyway, I'll see if I can get Ms. Levin on the telephone, and maybe set you up with a meeting under the pretense of needing something for Kardash. Then... you'll just need to work some magic to get a meeting with this Tom Lord fellow."

Speech I can do that!

When you leave the office, Simon will call.

Simon: "Good news! Very good news, actually! Misty Levin is still in LA - and she's free to meet you with... about Kardash, of course. I'll set up the meeting to be over at Panino. The food is great there."

Speech Got it!

After speaking with Simon, speak with Misty Levin for Energy 3.

Misty: "Great to see you again, Your Name! I'm happy you liked my cloths and were looking for more!"

Speech Yeah...more... Energy3

Speech (Come back later.)

Misty: "Tom was certainly right about those designs!"

Speech More about Tom...

Speech They are great!

Selecting the first option merits this reply from Misty,

Misty: "Oh, he's really busy trying to get everything ready for the opening of Lif. Have you heard of it?"

Speech Actually...

Misty: "Oh, I'm sure Tom could get you in. I'll have him call you. Now your manager, Mr. Orsik, said you were interested in the boots?"

Speech I'll take them.

Misty: "Just like that?"

Speech Just like that.

Misty: "Wow, thank you. I still can't beleive that my work will be in a Kardash store. Thank you so much!"

Speech No problem.

After you speak with her, Tom Lord will call you. He says that you aren't famous enough to get a spot.

Tom: "Hi... is this Your Name?

Speech Yes, it is.

Tom: "Hi! This is Tom Lord. Misty wanted me to give you a call..."

Speech Hey!

Tom: Yeah, so look, the guest list for Lif is pretty filled up... I mean...unless you were more famous..."

You can either:
Speech (Use your charm.) Star 2 +Cash 10 XP 10
Speech Oh…

Using your charm will get you a spot automatically and take you to the goal An Immaculat Night.

Not using charm will require you to get more experience and take you to the goal Almost There.

Tom: Tell you what. You get a little more experience, a little more famous and we'll talk it over - maybe I can do something."

Speech Okay...

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