⤿ REASON: Missing level

Complete a one hour photo shoot while Maria Holmes hunts down Kim's schedule.

Dialogue: Edit

After the photo shoot, Maria will call. Maria Holmes: "Okay, I managed to get a hold of Kim's recent schedule. We'll know exactly where she's been, and with any luck, we can find that lost gift for her!

Speech Let's do it!

Maria: "Commencing Mission: Kimpossible! According to this schedule, Kim's been quite a busy young lady! No surprise there... She recently made an appearance at Chateau Nuit. Can you meet me there?"

Speech Of course!

Speech You're coming too?

If you choose Of course!

Maria: "Excellent. I'll call ahead and explain everything to the manager of Chateau Nuit. Hopefully we'll find the lost gift and be back in L.A. by dinner time!"

Speech See you in Vegas!

If you choose You're coming too?