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The Private Jet, piloted by Captain Rick Averlyson, is a way of transportation in the game, which allows you to travel from location to location free of charge. You can purchase the jet for Star120.

As with all homes, purchasing the jet counts towards the Cribs achievement. Purchasing the private jet unlocks the JFK Tarmac.


  • None.

Private Jet Lofts Interior

Unfurnished - Furnished


Living Room
Image Furniture Piece Cost Purchase Reward
ImageMissing Bed Cash7,500 ??
ImageMissing TV Star25 ??
ImageMissing Couch Cash3,000 ??
ImageMissing Pug Star30 ??
ImageMissing Extra Seats Cash1,000 ??'
ImageMissing Bar Star45 ??

Private Jet Exterior



50px Welcome YourName! I'm Captain Rick Averlyson. Should you choose to purchase this luxurious private jet, I will be happy to fly you anywhere, anytime, for absolutely free!
You Speech Okay.
50px When you fly with me, you always arrive safely and on time. That's a guarantee! The best part? You'll skip all the lines and won't even need to buy an airplane ticket! You fly for FREE! So what do you think, YourName? Are you ready to live like the elite and travel by private jet?
You Speech 1 I'm interested.
Speech 2 It's not for me.
50px 1 You'll be getting yourself one fine piece of machinery!
2 Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
You Speech A (Buy private jet.) Star120
Speech B (Cancel.)
50px A & B Excellent! Just let me know where you want to fly and we'll take off!
C Let me know if you change your mind, okay?
You Speech A & B & C Okay.

RayPowersFeed Ray Powers @StarNews_Ray
Up in the sky, is that a bird? Is it a plane? Not just any plane - @YourName just bought a private jet!
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