⤿ REASON: Missing Reward; Fix Dialogue.

Elizabeth Korkov will be at the So Chic premiere.

Korkov: "My Proclivity line of clothing looks great in your store. Dare I say you and I are quite the pair?"

Speech (Smile and nod.)

Korkov: "As good as my clothing line looks in your store, I'll be much happier when it starts flying off the shelves at top dollar prices! Business tip: the more exclusive something is, the more people will pay to have it. Perhaps someday your name will be worth something of value as well. Until then, I don't mind you riding my coat tails now and again."

Speech ...Thanks. I think.

Speech Riding coat tails?

Choosing the first option receives this reply from Korkov,

Korkov: "What are friends for? Now be a darling and do your public thing. I want all of the inventory sold by end of today so we make the fashion headlines."

Speech ...

The event will last 8 hours. After it is over, Maria will call.

Maria: "Your name! I saw your store on the news. Elizabeth Korkov's clothing line just brought us some great publicity! I know she can be difficult to work with, but you have to admit the hassle is completely worth it!"

Speech I guess so.

Maria: "I know so! Anywys, hun. You've been doing really well lately. You deserve some personal time. Go out, have fun, go on some dates and be young! Ciao."

Speech Okay, thanks Maria.