⤿ REASON: Missing Dialogue; Description Needs Rewriting.

Elizabeth Korkov will be waiting for you in front of Muse Magazine.


Elizabeth Korkov Ah, there you are. I was beginning to think I would have to model these clothes myself. Are you ready?
You Speech 1 (Smile and nod.) Energy8
Speech 2 (Come back later.)
Elizabeth Korkov 1 Wait, what are you doing? No no no. I need attitude. ATTITUDE! Let's see it.
You Speech A (Stunning gaze.)
Speech B (Pout.)
Elizabeth Korkov A My goodness... I haven't seen such talent since... Nevermind! Get out there and stun everyone!
You Speech A (Nod and leave.)
Speech B

Maria Holmes What did I tell you, hun? I know Elizabeth Korkov can be a bitter pill, but modeling her clothing line is great for your career. Wonderful job!
You Speech Thanks!
Maria Holmes Next, Elizabeth wants you to do a few photographs for the Proclivity collection. The photo shoot begins in 24 hours at Muse Magazine headquarters.

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