Proclivity Premiere
Task Wait for Simon's call
Task Get on the runway at Muse Magazine
(Available in 11hrs 59 min)

Elizabeth Korkov will be waiting for you in front of Muse Magazine.

Korkov: "Ah, there you are. I was beginning to think I would have to model these clothes myself. Are you ready?"

Speech (Smile and nod.) Energy8

Speech (Come back later.)

Korkov: "Wait, what are you doing? No no no. I need attitude. ATTITUDE! Let's see it."

Speech (Stunning gaze.)

Speech (Pout.)

If you choose the first option, Korkov will respond with,

Korkov: "My goodness... I haven't seen such talent since... Nevermind! Get out there and stun everyone!"

Speech (Nod and leave.)

After the event is over, Maria will call.

Maria: "What did I tell you, hun? I know Elizabeth Korkov can be a bitter pill, but modeling her clothing line is great for your career. Wonderful job!"

Speech Thanks!

Maria: "Next, Elizabeth wants you to do a few photographs for the Proclivity collection. The photo shoot behind in 24 hours at Muse Magazine headquarters."

Speech Got it.

This will start Proclivity Photos.

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