⤿ REASON: Missing Reward; Missing Goals; Dialogue.

Inside Muse Magazine, you will find a stressed Elizabeth Korkov. She will recognize you from your being on the cover of Muse Magazine, and will assume that you are there to substitute for a model named Leslie. She will mention that she does not want "some soggy, sobby, sorry excuse for a model" ruin her Perfektion Collection event.

You have the choice to say:

Speech Yes ma'am! Energy 6
Speech (Ask about Leslie.) Energy 6
Speech (Come back later.)

If you ask about Leslie, Korkov will tell you about how the model is a crybaby and how she hates her sensitivity. If you choose the first option, Korkov will start to talk about how she's too busy to teach you "everything you're supposed to already know." She will ask you whether or not you can "walk the walk."

You only have the option to reply with:

Speech I've modeled...

Korkov doesn't seem to have much faith in your modeling skills. She will mention how you'll be in the presence of fashion legends Martina Brakowski, Miguel Morilaglu, and Casper Vinifellini, and how all you really need to do is try to keep from tripping over yourself. She will ask you if you can manage doing that.

The only choice available is to say:

Speech Of course...

Korkov will tell you to do a good job and that you just might have a future in New York. She will tell you to go and get ready.

Speech ...

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