⤿ REASON: Missing level; incomplete dialogue

Inside Muse Magazine, you will find a stressed Elizabeth Korkov.


Elizabeth Korkov: "Who is this? Where the heck are my assistants? WAIT. I recognize you. You were on the cover of Muse Magazine! Your Name? Right... You must be here to stand in for that cry baby excuse for a model, Leslie. My first rule in modeling: There is NO CRYING in modeling, got it? I will not have some soggy, lobby, sorry excuse for a model to ruin my Perfektion Collection event!"

Speech Yes ma'am! Energy 6
Speech (Ask about Leslie.) Energy 6
Speech (Come back later.)

If you choose Yes ma'am!

Missing Info

If you choose (Ask about Leslie.)

Elizabeth: "Let's just say Leslie won't be working as a model in this city anytime soon. Care to waste my time with any other questions, or can we move on?"

Speech (Say nothing.)

Elizabeth: "Look, I don't have time to teach you everything you're supposed to already know. You've got the looks, but can you walk the walk?"

Speech I've modeled...

Elizabeth: "That's nice darling, but you're not going to be showing off your jammies to mommy. You're here to model an Elizabeth Korkov original! What's more, you'll be in the presence of fashion legends Martina Brakowski, Miguel Morilaglu, and Casper Vinifellini! Lucky for you, my fashion designs sell themselves. All you have to do is try to keep from tripping over yourself. Thank you can manage that?"

Speech Of course...

Elizabeth: "We'll have to see. Do a good job and you just might have a future in New York... Go on and get yourself ready. My clothing may sell itself, but it can't walk out there for you!"

Speech ...